Boostfueller Blog

A couple of weeks ago we put a Boostfueller equipped vehicle thru it`s paces at Rudskogen Racetrack in Norway.

The vehicle is a demonstrator of what can be obtained on a VERY strict budget!

The car definately did most laps of all cars present at the meeting, by  good margin.

We logged close to 250 laps at the Racetrack, and after 3 days on the track the car was driven 600 km alle the way home - because some other car hade engine problems and got the spot on the car trailer :-)

The car pictures is a BONE STOCK 2000 model E46 318I, only addition is a "Home made" inexpensive turbo innstallation and a Boostfueller control unit.

We are quite confident this was the least expensive car on the track days, but still it provided lots of fun and lasted thru the laps of torture at the track.

Due to a weak std clutsh, we did not manage to get a steady pull in the dyno. The results shown are from a quick pull in the dyno to avoid clutsh slip. Before 90Hp/160NM - After 160HP/280Nm.

Green values are std Rear Wheel Horsepower and torque, Yellow values is after installation of a cheap home made turbo system bought for nickles and dimes and a Boostfueller control system providing additional fuel.

The results are obtained on a modest boost level of 10 PSI, on a 150000 mile/240000 Km std original engine.

No internal modifications, only a set of colder plugs, turbo install and Boostfueller system.

We find this a good proof of how much a correctly tuned engine, getting the right amount of fuel can take - even if it`s 17 years old!

Approx 440 Miles/700 Km @ full bore on a racetrack is a good verification :-)